The origin of the Law Firm dates back to the year 1986, when it was founded by Dr Rubén Carlos Barreto and Dr Ricardo Juan Colombo (1961 - 1996), with the name of Barreto-Colombo & Asociados.

One of the main reasons for its creation was to provide advice, assistance and support to national and international companies which were making their way along the new paths marked by our country´s budding democracy.

The Firm actively took part in the process of denationalization of the postal service, in order that some of the most important private postal companies could begin their current communication services.

The Firm has taken part in banking and financial deals, helping out private banking institutions.

The Firm has vast experience in the insurance business, giving advice to insurance companies, insurance agents, insurance proxies and brokers, and in the different types of cargo transportation, providing services to well known shippers, freighters, agents, dealers, insurers and adjusters.

Our litigation department prides itself in finding solutions to clients' problems, not only in conventional ways but also through implementing alternative mechanisms such as negotiation, mediation and arbitration.

At present we play an important part in all areas of engineering and construction of several infrastructure projects, especially those in the oil and gas industry.